Syed Peer Fazal Shah Chishti Nizami jalhadhri

who spread a message of humanity and mankind to the people. Sarkar was written so many books and Sufi poetry in his life which also show us the right path towards ALLAH and NABI Kareem and his UMAT.

Sarkar Syed Peer Fazal Shah was belong to very poor family, very hardworking and respective towards his parents and teachers. After completing his higher education he join army for many years. During his job he wrote and learn so many things about Sufism and Islam. He often attend the meetings of great Sufi People on that time. Listening and ask question to fulfill his inner satisfactions among pure Islam according to the saying and acts of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

He basically belongs to the CHISHTI NIZAMI silsla and become the followers of HUZUR FATEH ALI SHAH CHISHTI NIZAMI AROOP SHARIF (Gujranwala). Sarkar put his bests towards FATEH ALI SARKAR and learn many things about Islam and Sufism.

After his great work towards to plan and ideas of his MURSHAD HUZUR FATEH ALI SHAH.