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Dohra Sharif

Dohra Sharif

See Harfi

This is the alphabetical sequence Kalam of Sarkar Huzoor Syed Peer Fazal Hussain Shah Chishti Nizami Jalehndhari. He written these poetry / kalam with respect to arfiana, sufi, marfat, tasawoof and wahdaniyat. Sarkar Fazal Shah wrote See Harfi in his life when he start his life in the hand by Syed Peer Fateh Ali Shah (Grand Sarkar) Chishti Nizami – Aroop Sharif Gujranwala.

The main language use in the See Harfi is pure Punjabi language so all the sufi poetry in punjabi.

See Harfi - Alif

See Harfi - BaySee Harfi - Tay

See Harfi - Say


See Harfi - Khay

See Harfi - Daal

See Harfi - Zaal

See Harfi - Ray

See Harfi - zuyaad

See Harfi - tuyaan